everything in its right place

Wardrobe StylistJennifer SalimComment

Sometimes everything just clicks between you and the photographer you work with. 

Jacqueline Barkley and I have known each other for quite some time. Let's say eight years because we met in a photo class during college. 

Jacqueline is a wonderful kids and portrait photographer in Chicago. Most of the work we currently do together is kids lifestyle, and it's always a good time. Even when it doesn't go exactly as planned, we just have a way of figuring it out together. Or maybe it's Jacqueline's energy and patience with kids that keeps us on track. 

Featuring some stellar swimsuits from the ever amazing, Mini Rodini,  

(More on them later- cus I rep the cool kiddie stuff hard!) And then some other rad stuff from Marni, Zara and Little Marc Jacobs. 

This was such a fun shoot- what I like to call a two in one. Two separate kids and concepts. 

Photos via my iPhone.