13th Mix: Lost Highway

Jennifer SalimComment

Look at you! Coming back for just a lil' bit more. You know mama's got the sweet, sweet sugar and it's true, I have another mix for you this May. Heading on a ten day vacay with the little lady and part of this trip includes a very special road trip to some pretty magical American landscape. I decided that this month's mix would be inspired by travel. So without further ado: LOST HIGHWAY

Quick Footnote: David Lynch reference and only my Fav EVER. Also, can I just meet a life mate who is cool with me naming our kids names like Balthazar or Giorgio or Frankie - OR can I just marry David Lynch? Come on!

It's Time to Get Lost on : LOST HIGHWAY

Rules for the Road:
1.) Rent a Convertible
2.) Strap in your favorite road tripping Companion-ie: friend, lover, baby, pet, book
3.) Load up on snacks and Red Bull/Coffee from the gas station
4.) Put on your shades
5.) Throw on this mix
6.) And get moving' on your magical journey in to the unknown <3