13th Mix: Here's looking at you kid. Hard to forget. Here's looking at you kid. At least not yet. Your memory stays. It lingers ever. Will fade away never.

Jennifer SalimComment

It's time. It's time for that monthly installment of my mix. Ok, hold the phone, you say.... look, I know, I have not kept up with this mix thing, but it's 2016 and I'm feeling on top of the world! I'm definitely going to do this because what the world needs now is LOVE, sweet LOVE and by that I really mean..... MUSIC. 

I'm calling this BAD GAL...Break...
Imagine you are sitting on a beach. The plan is to take a break. But your mind is all Roxy Music "2HB"- and you start to get a taste of that Freud - ID back again. You want to run, swim, fly back to exactly what you hoped to take a much needed break from. You desire it close again, though it might not be right for you or good for that matter. You get hysterical, and here you are at your freaking HAPPY PLACE! Enter EGO to the rescue. She calms and caresses your brow. Gets you to sit down finally, take off your shoes and feel that sand between your toes. You start to relax for a minute and then an hour- it's becoming clear that whatever you left behind  - those impulses and desires for what you so desperately need a break from grows weaker. You go on total and complete BREAK mode and SUPER EGO and all that patriarch ain't gonna stop you. Get all Stella n' Gruv, and start BREAK pt.2016 with this mixy mix.