13th Mix: Witchy Magic

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Music is at the core of my being. Like so much so that it used to bother me that I never started a band. I can remember the first time I watched Almost Famous and I totally was like, Penny Lane is me! She just 100% loves the music and has impeccable style.

 After that, I decided I am entirely okay with being just a mega cool "band-aid" and spreading the love of killer mixes to one and all. I've been fortunate enough to have worked at a record store in my mid teens and opened up to a wealth of bands that a punk kid from the city never knew existed. On one end I was going to punk/industrial shows at the Fireside or Metro (local venues in Chicago), but when I stepped in to the record store I had co-workers showing me that your record collection knows no bounds. Jonathan introduced me to Shuggie Otis, Googles to Aphex Twin and Billy to Madlib. Soul, drum n' bass, hip hop and a world of rock, electronic, indie and classics blasting through my walkman headphones on my CTA rides. I loved it and wanted to share tunes with all my friends so I spent countless hours making the most personalized mixtapes. The art of mixtape making was taken very seriously and still is. Music inspires and informs what I do; it heals, it loves, it's emotional, brave, awakening and fun. So with this being said, no blog of mine would be complete without a few nifty mixes, put together by yours truly. On the 13th of every month, I'll make a new mixtape for you to rock out to! Awwwww. It means I like you! A lot. 

Enjoy this one I made on this cool site called




And again, here it is on our friend, Spotify