13th Mix: Summer School

Jennifer SalimComment

A few weeks late, but back at you with another radical mix. I call this gal....


Talk about major bummer vibez to be in school for the summer when you rather be out in the warm California fun-sun, but maybe you should've studied for Life Science. Too late-the bell is RiiiiIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG and class commences. Now, you are sitting in a tiny desk in a deserted, beige walled, air conditioned institution with a big chinned, black framed eye glasses wearing frump-a-dump Macy's mark down teacher- that you already spent too much precious time of your last year in, staring out the window at the green grass. Your mind begins to zone...groovy green grass is g-r-e-e-n-e-r on the other side. And just as you are daydreaming away, rolling in it's enchanting splendor- a ruler smacks down to bring you back to your reality. So I guess it really sucks to be you right now, but since you are stuck in this hell hole anyway, mind as well learn something. Chin up baby cakes. Better times lay ahead- so keep your eye on the prize- study, buddy AND no more F jobs in your future.